Disaster Stories

Reading disaster stories about other people can help each of us become better prepared for emergencies. As you read these stories, pay attention to the emergency supplies people found useful, how people felt and coped, how they helped each other, and what they learned.

Victoria Australia Bush Fires, February 2009, follow day-by-day

Evacuating Hurricane Katrina with those with Special Needs, August 2005

Storming Back,” Hurricane Katrina and Rita, Aug. & Sept. 2005

Evacuating Hurricane Rita, September 2005

“Mountain on Fire” Southern California, October 2003

“In Case of Disaster,” Hurricane Hugo, September 21, 1989 and Northern CA earthquake, Oct. 17, 1989

Big Blowup Turnout,” Mt. St. Helen’s eruption, May 18, 1980

Teton Dam Flood,” Sugar City, Idaho, June 5, 1976

Night of Disaster in Rapid City,” Rapid City Iowa, June 9, 1972

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