N95 Face Masks on sale at Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials in Utah has N95 Particulate Respirator Masks (box of 20) on sale this month for $12.99 (value $29.99). This sale ends April 30. I don’t usually promote any one store, but I have found that this store does have some good sales. And these are the masks that keep out 95% of airborne viruses and are a recommended product to have for pandemics. If you would like to understand more about preparing for pandemics, go to this BYU Idaho video – Prevention of Avian Flu at the bottom of the page. It’s nice to see a college that is proactive instead of reactive.

Call an Emergency Essentials store to find out how many they have left. Or order online TODAY at http://beprepared.com/ even though they are on backorder. Hopefully we won’t have to use these and they will become part of our emergency supplies for the future. But wouldn’t it be nice to know you were prepared?

(801) 994-1055 Salt Lake
(801) 222-9667 Orem
(801) 254-6510 South Jordan Store

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  1. You can also try a paint store. I know that Columbia paint sells these because I bought a box about 6 months ago. They sell them for professional painters because they use paint sprayers and a lot of the paint will become airborne.

  2. Thanks! I tried the link from this post, but it was on back-order so I went to the link that Heather posted and they had them so thank you both!~jamey in kansas city

  3. Thanks for the tip!I haven’t yet purchased any of these and I’ve been meaning to order a couple of other items from EE, so this is a good opportunity to get everything at once.I didn’t see a ‘back order’ message or anything either, so hopefully they’ve gotten a new shipment in.

  4. I walked into my local Wal-greens last night intent on buying a box of two N-95 masks to complete my 72-hour kit and was informed they are out of stock in the store and online. Only then did I realize what I was asking for. I don’t care about this swine flu virus hype right now and that was obviously not my intent for going to Wal-greens, but they looked at me like I was the idiot on the street for coming to buy masks “at the last minute.” For a brief second I felt what the unprepared may end up feeling like when in times of disaster or emergency. Thank goodness for 72-hour kits and food storage. I don’t want to be ‘that guy.’

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