Spring Cleanup: Our Family Hard at Work

Over the past few weeks we have been clearing branches from the awful choke cherry trees (name?) that used to drop messy fruit on our property. Our city does a wonderful service and lets us trim our trees and then leave them out front for a green waste pickup.

Joe carrying wood to add to our enormous pile

Everyone worked hard to carry the branches to the front of our house. It was a good thing we each had our own work gloves.

My husband used our chain saw to trim the branches to size. Read my funny story about how we got the chain saw. The lower terraced area is where we will build our vegetable garden boxes.
My idea of spring cleanup is to rearrange food storage, again. Does it ever end? I have a hard time visualizing how it will all fit, so periodically I have to rearrange it. I haven’t converted to putting some of my long-term items into buckets yet, so I still use #10 cans. I think that’s leftover from my California days where we struggled to find space in our home to store food, and #10 cans worked best. When we first moved to Utah (almost 2 years ago) I left the cans in boxes. Then I took them out and put them in our super duper storage room. But I didn’t like them being so separated from all of the other food. So, they are back in boxes. 🙂
My 17 year-old was a great help in putting 2×4’s under the boxes of #10 cans that I was trying to fit in the outer room of our “food storage room.” I neglected to do that when they first went in, and I was concerned that moisture might come up through the cement and the carpet and reach the bottom of the boxes. That meant he had to move all the boxes, trim the wood, place the 2×4’s and then restack the boxes. I am grateful for all of my strong sons.

I received one of the greatest compliments from him yesterday as he was carrying cases of canned food purchased from Smith’s case lot sale. After he put them on the shelves he smiled and said, “I like having food storage because I know there is always good food around.” 🙂

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  1. I just found your blog, and am so happy! It has been our goal this year to really do our food storage, and your site has been helpful! Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful family and some of your food storage.:)We have a bunch of #10 cans in boxes right now too. I’m planning on getting them out of the boxes and into our new Shelf Reliance System as soon as we prepare the room and get things set up. If Dh would stop going on business trips…:) We are actually SO grateful that Dh still has his job, there is NO complaining around here when he is gone so much.Blessings, Joyce

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