72-Second Disaster Kit Under Bed: Prepare for Earthquakes or other Disasters

Yes, you read that correctly. I wrote 72-Second Disaster Kit. I took a class on disaster preparedness at the recent BYU Women’s Conference and learned the importance of having an emergency kit under your bed. Even though we keep our 72-Hour Kits in a closet by our front door, a 72-Second Disaster Kit can be useful when emergencies happen during the night. Of course if you live in a small apartment, or are a college student, you should probably keep your 72-Hour Kit by your bed. In some disasters you may become trapped in your bed or room, so plan for it. I am still waiting for the conference lecture notes, but here are some items to think about.

72-Second Disaster Kit:Keep items in a Bag/backpack (this will prevent broken glass and other debris from getting in your shoes)
Sturdy, yet comfortable shoes
Pair of socks
Emergency contact list
Whistle (to attract the attention of emergency personnel)
Dust mask (useful in fires and earthquakes)
Work gloves (to protect your hands when moving glass or debris)
Several bottles of water
Flashlight (don’t use if you smell gas)
Light stick on a lanyard
Pry bar
Portable radio with spare batteries

On Bedside Night Stand Keep:Extra car keys
Cell phone and charger

Under Bed 72 Second Kit.pdf

The recent earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy happened in the middle of the night. Some survivors were trapped in their beds. However, read about 98 year-old Maria D’Antuono who past the time knitting while waiting to be rescued.

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