Food Storage: The key is planning, and a blend of homemade and semi-homemade

Still finishing my Food Storage Shopper planner manuscript, however, I got interrupted when I decided to come up with 30 menus using food storage foods including all ingredients (nothing from the fridge or freezer), so I could see how best to include menu planning worksheets in the planner.

As I’ve been working on my 30 menus, I now have a better vision of what our family does like to eat, and what we should store. I am excited!!! We make food storage more complicated than it needs to be. The key is planning. Sitting down and thinking about your family, then doing a little math. I believe most of us got overwhelmed with the old food storage program because we were not accustomed to using wheat, beans, etc. Since I’m a semi-homemade food storage queen, I store more canned prepared beans than dry beans. Whoops! I said that. But there are some great recipes out there using canned beans, and some of us don’t have time to do the dry bean thing. Or make everything from scratch. We work, we write, we play with our kids.

I really wanted to figure out how much “drinking milk,” dry milk, and shelf milk we would need to store too so I could keep my family happy. I decided not to store molasses, yams, and spinah since we never use it. And included prepared foods like Macaroni and Cheese, Raviolis, Stagg Chili, Prego spaghetti sauce, chips and salsa. As well as homemade recipe items. It’s such an eye opener! The blend of homemade and semi-homemade is really how most of us are living anyway, right?

After storing wheat, sugar, flour, etc. for years, I can now SEE how much our family would use so we eat what we store. I can see our 3-month supply and all the way up to a year supply (my goal)! Anyway, I just wanted to pass on my excitement. Eventually I will pass along the spreadsheet so you can adapt it for your family. Still working on dinner menus and family desserts. I will give you the whole kit-and-caboodle when I can.

If you can’t wait for me to finish, go to and check out their spreadsheet. I don’t keep inventory on my computer anymore like they do. I just carry my inventory in my Food Storage Shopper planner in my purse and update with a pencil after each shopping trip.

Find some recipes today that your family might enjoy at Love this site!

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  1. On the right sidebar is a link to my 3-Month food storage calculator. There is also a 3-Month food storage menus with ingredients. I am slowly listing the recipes.

  2. I am starting food storage and looking at sources. Any chance of getting your list of meals using striclty food storage along with recipes? Would really appreciate it!Thanks,Sharon

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