How to Organize Your Email: 10 Simple Steps

Here are some great ideas on how to handle email overload.

1. CREATE FOLDERS – Create file folders for projects, church/community positions, travel plans, school correspondence, purchases, family history, etc,
2. NO MORE THAN 5 – Make it a goal to leave no more than 5 emails in your inbox. Avoid the habit of reading email, and leaving it in your inbox.
3. QUICKLY SORT EMAILS – 1) File or Forward, 2) Respond, or 3) Trash. If you don’t want to delete an email, file it.
4. RESPOND IF LESS THAN 2 MINUTES – If it will take less then 2 minutes to reply, than do so.
5. CREATE A TASK – Some emails require you to do something. Create a task reminder and assign a date to complete it.
6. LEARN TO SAY NO – You don’t have to read every mass email story your friends pass on to you. Decide quickly if you want to read it, and then File, Respond or Trash.
7. AVOID SUBSCRIPTIONS – Only sign up for email subscriptions you highly value. Don’t get caught up in signing up for everything.
8. DON’T GET TOO CREATIVE – Don’t create more assignments for yourself than you need to.
9. AVOID BECOMING Mr. or Mrs. FIX-IT – Don’t feel you are the only one that can help someone. Sometimes you simply have to say, “I don’t know” or “I don’t have time.”
10. Smile! It’s empowering when we get organized.

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