Organize a 3-Month Food Storage Supply: YouTube video

Learn how to organize and gather a 3-Month food storage supply which can help you in times of adversity such as job loss, financial difficulties, disasters, and medical emergencies. My new YouTube video will give you a brief overview of the new LDS Church home storage guidelines and help you learn the value of gathering a 3-Month food storage supply, water, and emergency funds, FIRST, before you focus on long-term foods. This was part of a Relief Society enrichment meeting lesson I taught. Special thanks to Jon Schmidt for permission to use his music ( comment on it.

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  1. Hi Shannon: I clicked on the link in the post and it took me directly to the video. You can also find the video on the the right side of my blog. Hope that helps. Valerie

  2. Very nice Valerie! I bet you are loving your utah basement. We miss your family. I enjoy checking your blog, very helpful. Whitney Delahunty

  3. Wow! What an amazing video. I loved it! I am teaching a food storage organization class in my ward on Wednesday night and I am wondering how you would feel about me using your video?

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