Items to Stock Up in Your Food Storage: August

Here are some suggested items you may want to stock up on this month as you may find them on sale. Only purchase what you budget for.
For a PDF copy of my Food Storage and Disaster Preparedness Calendar, see sidebar.

Shelf Foods
Apple slices, dehy. (LDS Dry pack)
Dry onions (LDS Dry pack)
Macaroni (LDS Dry pack)
Popcorn or dried corn
Dry potato slices or dices
Cracked wheat cereal
Hamburger helper
Food bars
Lunch drink boxes
Hot pepper sauce
Cheese sauce
Powdered cheese blend
Freezer Foods
Ice cream
Non-Food Items
Soap/body wash
Lawn trash bags
Lunch bags
Start fall/winter veggies
Harvest some veggies
Medical & First Aid
eye patch
ear drops
eye drops
Family Emergency Kit (part 4)
5-gal water carrier
filtered water bottle
water purification tablets or bleach
am/fm radio
spare radio w/batteries if needed
vise grips
multi-function army knife
Equipment & Fuel
Water containers
Water pump if needed
Family tent
Emergency Prep
Bag with shoes and flashlight water, under bed

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