My Poor Dog Was Stung By Wasps

This week my poor dog was attacked multiple times by wasps on her nose and ears. I didn’t see the attack, but when I saw her swollen face and ears I felt horrible. My mind started spinning, but I knew that I did not know how to doctor my dog. I immediately called my vet, and even though they were just leaving for the day, they waited for me to bring her by the office. She was put on an antibiotic, given an antihistamine, and a cortisone shot.

This incident made me wonder how prepared I am to take care of an injured pet. I could have given her an antihistamine, but how much? I’m thankful that my vet was very kind to her and took the time to see my poor dog. I found a great website called that will be a great resource the next time an injury occurs. Just so you know, my dog is doing much better.

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