Take A Food Storage Inventory Count to Prep for the Utah Case Lot Sales

Now is a great time to do a formal food storage inventory count so you know what to buy at the Case Lot sales coming next month. My teen daughters and I did the counting, and I sure appreciated their help. I keep my food storage inventory sheets in a small binder. Each sheet has a list of the amount I want to store, and what I have in storage. I changed my 3 month goals to 6 month goals. It’s nice to start with 3 month goals rather than 12 month goals so you don’t get overwhelmed and blow your budget. Then move from 3 to 6, and 6 to 9, and so forth.

My worksheets are erase-as-I-go, rather than on a spreadsheet in my computer. I like the portability of these sheets. I took out the worksheet with category “Vegetables” and let one daughter count those items. Then daughter number two counted “Legumes.” And I carried the notebook from place to place in my home so I could count other items. And so forth. Now I know what I have in stock again.

Utah Case Lot Sale Price List

Next, I spent about an hour looking over the Utah Case Lot Sale price list and decided what I MIGHT want to buy next month based on my needs. I know, next month is a long ways off, but I’m such a planner. 🙂

Because I have the price list, I could look for the best prices, list how much I needed, and total it all on a piece of paper. I put the initial of the possible store to shop at next to the items. This is my guesstimate of what I want to buy, how much I want to spend, and where I might buy it. I didn’t list things that I could buy everyday at Sam’s Club or Costco.

Hope you Utah shoppers will be more prepared this year for the Utah Case Lot sales.

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