OCTOBER: Items to Add to Food Storage or Emergency Supplies

It’s hard to believe that October starts this Thursday! A cold front is moving into Utah and we should get snow in the mountains on Wednesday. If you live in Davis County, the emergency radio station is 1700 a.m. which is now one of my saved station buttons on my car radio.

Below is the list of items to focus on for your October food storage purchases. These are only suggestions, but you may find some of these on sale to stock up on. I did find canola oil at Macey’s for $4.99 per gallon! Canned applesauce is .57 per can or $13.68 case 24 ct. Their Case Lot Sale ends tomorrow.

Shelf Foods
Vegetable & other oils
Graham crackers
Corn syrup
Dried cranberries
Baking powder & soda
Sloppy Joe mix
Biscuit mix
Dried peppers
Gum (comfort foods)
Candy (hide some Halloween candy away)
Freezer FoodsBread
Bell Peppers
Hand sanitizer
Paper & CleaningPaper towels
Medical SuppliesCPR mouth barrier
Adhesive tape
Pet 72-hour KitPet food
Pet carrier
EquipmentBBQ or Stove
Emergency Prep
Test smoke detectors
Have family fire drill

There are still a few clearance backpacks in the stores for your 72-hour kits. I am looking for one with wheels for my 4-year old. Also an idea for your pets 72-hour kit.

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