Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison List – Update!

I just updated the Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison list. Go to this post for the most recent changes. Price sheet compares Reams, Macey’s, Dick’s, Harmon’s, Bowman’s, Smith’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and LDS storehouse.

I shopped at Macey’s today *9/14) and found some GREAT deals! If it’s on the floor, you can buy it at this coming Wednesday’s price. If the price of an item is highlighted in yellow on my spreadsheet, the price is lower than the last caselot sale! Macey’s lowered their prices. They’ve also come out with an ad insert called Price Chopper. I talked with someone in customer service, and corporate is having them reduce the size of their print ads, so they can no longer fit everything on sale in the ad.

So, as you look at my ever-growing ever-changing spreadsheet, you will notice some items still have Sept. 2008 because I couldn’t get some of the 2009 prices yet. But I did get a lot of them. A few highlights:

WF Apple juice – 64 oz. for .99 ea.
Progresso Soup – 19 oz. for .99 ea. (w/coup)
Cooking oil – 128 oz. for $4.99 (even Canola!)
WF Pancake syrup – 128 oz. for $3.99
WF Spaghetti Sauce – 26 oz. for .99
WF Tomato soup – .33 ea.
Oatmeal – 42 oz. $1.39

Smith’s also has some great deals, so look over the list.
Happy Shopping!

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