Retail Items That Go On Sale in November 2009

What goes on sale in November? If you are trying to save money, the following items typically go on sale in the month of November. Some are perfect for emergencies, Christmas, or everyday. There is a big push for retailers to draw you into their stores this month. I tried to list some items you could wait on for the clearance sale. I’ve noticed that overall stock is lower in WalMart and Target as retailers are attempting to not overbuy, so be conscious of that.

Items on Sale this November:
Fall decor clearance. Shop first week after Halloween. (I saw some items yesterday in Joann’s Fabrics for 70% off. Put a couple of things aside for next year).
Halloween costume clearance. Shop first week after Halloween. (dress up costumes are a great gift for a little girl.)
Coats (if you can wait, the best clearance sales come in January. I bought a coat at Kohl’s earlier this year that retailed for $150. I paid $20!)
Boots (if you need them now, buy them on sale. Harder to find your size when they go on clearance.)
Gloves (December is better, or January clearance. Get two pairs as gloves get lost.)
Quilts (Flannel sheets are now on shelves in the store, so retailers have unsold quilts on sale or clearance)
Baby blankets (on sale. Go to or )
Heating appliances (on sale)
Water heaters (on sale)
Small appliances (on sale)
Men’s/boy’s suits (on sale. best time is Easter)
Thanksgiving week sales (Actually several weeks of sales. Just about every department will have something on sale.)

Hang onto sale mailers and put them in your purse or car. Even though you may not plan to shop, it’s always nice to have them on hand when you suddenly decide you need something. Throw away old flyers when you are waiting somewhere like the doctor’s.

Here is my seasonal sales calendar. Needs to be updated.

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