Grocery Store, Food Storage Companies, and Case Lot Price Comparison

At this time of year you can find some great sales on holiday baking items to add to your food storage. However, how do you know what to compare those prices to? I’ve updated my Grocery/Case Lot price comparison spreadsheet and added some local Utah food storage companies (Shelf Reliance, Blue Chip, Emergency Essentials). I want you to see what you can really buy items for. You can compare prices from canned meat, beans, pasta, soups and stews, vegetables, fruits and baking items. It pays to compare prices, and I’ve done my homework. I’m a little bit frustrated at how high some food storage companies are selling products for (I won’t point fingers), so look over the spreadsheet and don’t overspend. You can almost always do better at the LDS Home Storage Centers and sometimes Costco, Sam’s Club or Walmart.

The month listed to the left of each item is the month I gathered the price. Some items could be at a better price now, but it’s nice to know if you should wait until the next Case Lot sale, or just shop the current sales.

(Sorry for so many posts in the past few days, but I write when I have time.)

Grocery Store, Food Storage Companies and Case Lot Price Comparison.pdf
and Excel (No longer available)

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