Food and Emergency Items to Gather: February

Here are some suggested items to stock up on this month for your Monthly Food Storage Goals. Set a monthly food storage budget, and then write down items you think your family would eat or use. You may not need something like molasses, so don’t purchase it. I have studied grocery sales for the past year and a half and you may find some of the items below on sale in February, or may find coupons to purchase them. To see the entire Food Storage & Disaster Preparedness Calendar with suggested items to focus on purchasing each month, look at the side bar for the PDF file.

Shelf Foods
Instant potatoes
Brownie mix
Chocolate candy
Lemon juice
Confectioners sugar
Food bars
Hot cocoa
Salad dressing
Microwave popcorn
Frosting, canned
Freezer Foods
Non-Food Items
Disinfectant (like Pine sol)
Clorox wipes
Medical & First Aid
cold compress
rolls of gauze
large bandages
72-Hour Kit, Personal Pack part 2
N95 face masks
personal meds
hand warmers
paper & pen
travel size toiletries
book to read, or activities
small mirror
toilet paper
comb & hair items
space blanket
waterproof matches
Chain saw
Extra saw blade
5-gallon gas cans

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