What I bought at the Case Lot Sales

Pace yourself in your food storage purchases as this will help you beginners learn what foods and items your family will use and prevent you from blowing your food storage budget. I only needed a few items from the Case Lot Sales and other stores this January. Here are some of the items that I picked up at good prices:

1 case of WF dark kidney beans $11.52, .48 ea.
6 cans WF diced beets, $4.68, .78 ea.
6 jars WF grape jelly, $7.68, $1.28 ea. (price better in the fall, but needed them now)

2 cases of Kroger 18 oz. creamy peanut butter, $24.00, .$1.00 ea. (small size so it doesn’t go rancid before it is used up since our use fluctuates)

Sam’s Club
1 Surf laundry detergent, $15.88
1 Dixie 4 pack napkins, $9.98, $2.49 ea.
36 roll toilet tissue, $14.98, .42 ea.
2 feminine items, $9.77, $4.88 ea.
2 Opti-free contact lens solution $17.84, $8.92 ea. (not sure if this price is the best)
2 Curel lotions, $13.48, $6.74

Can you see how these are items that your family normally uses? Perfect for food and home storage. I’ll be watching for Macey’s March case lot sale, and then the case lot sales in September. We are very fortunate here in Utah, so take advantage of it. That is it for this month. $129.81

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