Honey for Food Storage: Where to Purchase and How to Store

Honey is one of those items I keep in my food storage; however, there are various opinions on where to buy it and how to store it. I purchased several 5 lb. containers from Sam’s Club in CA several years ago and it crystallized (normal). Because it was in a tall 5 lb. container, it was very difficult to re-liquify in hot water in a pan.

I called Miller’s Honey (Utah, not CA) with my questions. They told me that Sam’s Club in Utah has the best price ($13.99 or $2.33/lb.) for a 6 lb. container for local honey, but you should transfer it into smaller glass containers. Hello! It’s not good to reheat a large container over and over again. You want to re-liquify ALL of it. Wildflower honey in 5 lb. buckets costs $13.30 or $2.66/lb. at the factory located at 3000 South West Temple, SLC.

Harmon’s grocery store will carry Miller’s honey in January and the fall at their case lot sales. Last year’s price for a 5 lb. container was $14.99 or $3.00/lb.

Costco in Utah sells Silverbow Honey (but it is from Washington bees) ($11.99 or $2.00/lb.) for a 6 lb. container. You can get a 12 lb. bucket for $31.50 if you live near 1120 East Wheeler Road, Moses Lake, WA.

Other people buy honey in buckets from local beekeepers and then transfer it into their own mason jars which are much easier to heat to de-crystallize. I called my local beekeeper, (Wayne) Perry’s Honey (801) 451-2346 at 1162 N. Main Street in Farmington, UT (red brick house on corner). A Gallon 12 lb. is $25, 1/2 Gallon 6 lb. is $13, Quart 3 lb. is $7. I understand that some people with allergies benefit from eating honey made by local bees.

Because I am still learning, I want to share a link to a post at Homesteading Today. This site also has some great articles in the Survival and Emergency Preparedness section and I liked this recent thread discussion.

It is important to know where your honey comes from and how it was processed. Do your homework because some honey on the market has corn syrup added to it and they don’t have to tell you on the label. Legally it can say Pure.
Store in a dark location away from sunlight.

Honey Links:

National Honey Board Learn about honey, yummy recipes, etc. It does not include all honey beekeepers, but those registered with the National Honey Board.
Miller’s Honey (produced in Utah since 1894. Don’t confuse with the CA company) 801-486-8479 Honey is not pasteurized.

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