How Many Plates Are You Spinning? Life Balance

How many plates do each of us spin? Some of you know the analogy of spinning plates and life balance. A recent talk by my stake president motivated me to consider my life balance. Does your life seem like this video?

Erich Brenn “Plate Spinning” on The Ed Sullivan Show

The most difficult choices seem to be between good things, or doing too many good things for others until one or two plates fall as the attention they need cannot be given. My husband and I have been in Hawaii for a business trip and and it is during breaks like this, that I can step back, reevaluate my life, set new goals, and tweak some others. Ever since I have been here the voice in my head says, “slow down.” There is the need for me to be persistant in life, but the pace needs to be one where, just like a wise runner, I can talk while I run and not be breathless. The right pace is so important. What I need to work on is not saying yes to so many good things. Ever do that?

I think I have the right pace with food storage. I never feel the need to rush to buy any more. Just gather a little at a time at good prices, then reset some goals to buy some more.

As I prepared for our recent business trip to Kauai (Hawaii), I struggled with what to buy or not to buy. Since we still have cooler temperatures in Utah, I knew I had to buy some summer clothes. I spent several days in and out of stores trying to find items that would serve an immediate purpose, but would also be clothing I could use again when the real summer did come to Utah. Funny thing is now that I am here there are some items that still have tags on them that I really didn’t need. They get to go back to the store on my return. Living within our means and balancing our wants and needs is not always easy as well.

I recently read a book called “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. Though written for business people, it helped a stay-at-home-mom like me find ways to organize the “stuff.” Basically it helped me learn to organize my emails and files and learn where to file or put all that “stuff” that I need to get out of my head and put away so I don’t feel like the crazy lady. I sleep much better now. When you are a creative thinker like me, you are always creating new projects for yourself. Good things, but you can’t do it all right now. You may not have the time to do all you want to do, so writing ideas and projects down and putting them “somewhere” for someday helps me focus on what I can get done now. My next goal is to reread Stephen Covey’s “7-Habits of Highly Effective People” so I can focus on the few areas (or roles) in my life to juggle at the same time. Too many plates in the air is an accident about to happen, so it is important for me to focus on a few.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to enjoy God’s creations and think about my life in beautiful Kauai. Aloha!

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