Why Triangle of Life is Not Endorsed by American Red Cross. Earthquake Safety Resources.

Doug Copp’s “Triangle of Life” email has been circulating again, so I thought I would explain why I don’t promote it. I usually have an uncomfortable feeling about pass-it-on emails, so I did some research. The American Red Cross does NOT agree with his philosophy. Here is a portion of their statement, but I recommend you read it completely:

“What the claims made by Mr. Copp of ARTI, Inc., does not seem to distinguish is that the recommendation to “drop, cover, and hold on!” is a U.S.-based recommendation based on U.S. Building Codes and construction standards. Much research in the United States has confirmed that ‘Drop, Cover, and Hold On!’ has saved lives in the United States. Engineering researchers have demonstrated that very few buildings collapse or “pancake” in the U.S. as they might do in other countries. Using a web site to show one picture of one U.S. building that had a partial collapse after a major quake in an area with thousands of buildings that did not collapse during the same quake is inappropriate and misleading.” American Red Cross

Be Ready Red Cross Earthquake Safety Checklist.pdf
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USSC Earthquake Tips for Preparing Elderly.pdf
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Why Drop, Cover, and Hold is recommended. Not Triangle of Life
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