Exercise Must Be Done with Wisdom and Order

Exercise is a significant part of overall health, but even it must be done carefully and with wisdom and order. This season of my life I am carefully getting into shape. Even with exercise we need to practice self-control. Some of us can overdo it and the results are injury. How many of us know someone who has past sports injuries mostly because they overdid it?

Because of my own past injuries, I am easing into it. Over the past month I have been walking on my treadmill again. Today I walked 2 miles and that was an accomplishment. I stretched for 10 minutes afterwards, and felt really good. But a few weeks ago 1 mile was an accomplishment. I am working toward a 5K in May, which I will most likely walk with a little jogging. Each week I am adding a little bit more distance so that my body can adjust.

But my goal is not to run a marathon or be my wedding weight (Hello, I’ve had 7 children!) or only eat organic foods. Just a goal of a healthy heart, joints that don’t ache, and more energy to sustain me throughout the day. I’ve increased my water intake, stopped stuffing myself, and try to incorporate more whole grains, “fruit of the vine” and vegetables in my diet.

As I’ve reread the Word of Wisdom, I wonder if the “evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days” might include those who promote the ever-changing healthcare advice, exercise equipment and women’s magazines on the market today. But I am confident that with careful pondering it out in my mind, I can find “wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures” to make good choices and accomplish overall health for me.

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