Poisonings: Utah Residents Die at Twice the National Rate

“Whether it’s an overdose of pain medications or being overcome by toxic fumes, Utah residents die at twice the national rate from poisonings, according to new state figures. The Utah Department of Health reports 21.3 Utah deaths from poisonings each year per 100,000 residents. The national average is 11 per 100,000 people.

Most poison exposures occur with products that are used often. Below are a few tips to help you reduce the chance of poison exposure in your home or workplace.

• Store all household products and medicines out of reach and out of sight of small children and pets.
• Store all medicines separately from household products and household chemicals away from food.
• Always read the label before using and follow the instructions on medicines, cleaners, pesticides, automotive, lawn and garden products for their proper use.
• Never store potential poisons in containers used for eating and drinking. Store all potential poisons in their original, labeled containers. Leave the original labels on all products.
• Never refer to medicines as candy to a young child.
• Avoid taking medication in front of small children.
• Turn on a light when taking and giving medication.
• When you are using household chemical products and medicines, never let them out of your sight, even if you must take them along when answering the telephone or doorbell.
• Clean out your medicine cabinet periodically.
• Use child resistant closures.
• Remember that carbon monoxide exposures are considered a poisoning, and make sure your home has a working detector.”

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Make sure chemical products (bleach, cleaning products, vitamins, medicines, etc.) in your food storage rooms , closets and pantries are also out of reach of small children.

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