Case Lot Sale Price Comparison Fall 2010

Here is the preliminary Case Lot Sale Price Comparison spreadsheet which includes Harmon’s sale that started today. Since some stores have not had their sales yet, you will see some spring or last fall prices. However, I think seeing them all will help you decide which of the Harmon’s items you may want to purchase. As soon as Smith’s starts their sale on the 8th, I will include it. I also have the current Costco, Sam’s Club, Winco, Walmart, LDS Home Storage Center as well as some Food Storage companies. Just added Emergency Essentials.

Since this is my preliminary spreadsheet, please make suggestions as to how I can make it easier for you to read. “F” for fall sales, and a “S” for spring sales. Make sure you are looking at the correct year and month/season.

This spreadsheet take hours and hours of my time to put together. If you feel it is of some worth to you, please make a small donation to my 3rd son’s mission fund on my blog. Thanks!

Here it is:
The MEGA Case Lot Sale Price Comparison Fall 2010

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