Herriman Fire Evacuation Grab & Go List

The current fire in Herriman has caused well over 1200 households to evacuate. I talked briefly to friends preparing to evacuate tonight. The most difficult thing was to gather scrapbooks and photo albums. I am sure they are safe.

Thank goodness there are plenty of Utah Valley friends and relatives that evacuees can stay with. Love that about Utah! However, evacuation travel on roads can become congested and it may take longer than people expect to leave, so preparing for a longer drive with some extra food and water can be helpful.

Attached is a Grab & Go list of things I made for our family to take in order of importance if we ever had to evacuate. It is helpful to write this before you ever need to evacuate when your mind is clear. It is divided by importance depending on the amount of time you have to evacuate. This is a personal decision for everyone, but I hope this list helps some of you or your family and friends plan and prepare.

See my new Prioritized Evacuation List pdf. (added June 28, 2012)

Emergency Evacuation Grab & Go List (added September 19, 2010)

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