Food Storage Items to Shop for in November

Halloween is upon us, and we are a candy family. Every year I try to hide the Trick-or-Treat candy so we don’t eat it all up before Halloween. We did better this year, but I need to really hide it.

Having said that I think it’s important to have some comfort foods put aside in food storage. And the first few days after Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and Easter are good times to do just that. You can also use clearance Halloween candy (without Halloween wrappers) for Christmas stocking stuffers, Gingerbread houses, or other holiday baking. Check out these ideas: Creative Uses for Easter Candy, and Great ideas for leftover Halloween candy
Also, Halloween costumes and wigs make great Christmas gifts for preschool and school-age children who love to dress up.
So, here is my list of suggested items to STOCK UP on in November. Watch for sales and shop for what fits into your budget.

Shelf Stable Foods
Pumpkin, canned
Sweet potatoes/Yams, canned
Evaporated Milk (or next month)
Spices – cinnamon, etc.
Cake mix
Brownie mix
Pie filling
Broth – beef & chicken
Cooking spray
Brown sugar
White sugar (or next month)
Flour (or next month)

Cotton balls
Plastic wrap

Halloween costume clearance (save for Christmas gifts)

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