Holiday Christmas Planning Calendar – Updated

Tweaking my Holiday Christmas Planning Calendar was a necessity this year, because we are awaiting my 3rd son’s mission call, planning my eldest son’s wedding, and my 14 year-old’s leg surgery. My calendar has evolved over the years, but it is an absolute necessity for me. The idea is to reduce as much stress caused by the holidays as possible while our routine and sometimes not so routine life goes on.

December is a time to be spent with family, attend school concerts, create memories, and ponder the birth of our Savior. So to ease my stress, our artificial tree goes up the week before Thanksgiving. Some people think I’m odd for doing it then, but I think my family likes a stress-free mom on Thanksgiving Day. Because of how busy I will be this year, there won’t be any homemade gifts. I’m okay with that. And our Christmas letter will be emailed the week after Christmas. 🙂

Putting each of these tasks/projects on my Gmail calendar is a lifesaver. I created them as “All Day” events, and made them repeat “Yearly.” Love that! Now it’s time to cruise along. If you are feeling a little bit frenzied, copy it and adjust for yourself.

1st Week
Fall harvest decorating

2nd Week
Update Christmas card addresses
3rd Week
Calendar Temple Square holiday events
4th Week
Buy Halloween costumes
Holiday travel plans

1st Week
Halloween decorating
D.I. for Halloween decorations
2nd Week
Make Christmas budget
Start Santa wish lists
3rd Week
Shop holiday dresses
Buy pumpkins

Thanksgiving table decor
Buy work gifts
Online Christmas Shopping
4th Week
Online Christmas Shopping
D.I. for Christmas decorations
Inspect Christmas lights
Calendar Holiday parties
Master Christmas Gift list

1st Week
Christmas shopping

Halloween decorations down
Thanksgiving decorations up
Inspect Christmas decor
2nd Week
Christmas shopping
Kids go Christmas shopping
Christmas lights up
Buy stocking suffers
Holiday party menus
3rd Week
Finish Christmas shopping
Wrap/mail relative gifts
Set up Christmas tree
Thanksgiving food
4th Week
Thanksgiving food prep
Thanksgiving decor down
Christmas decor up
Visit Temple Square lights

1st Week
1st Presidency Devotional
Wrap gifts

Attend concerts & parties
2nd Week
Buy Christmas food
Make Christmas goodies
Go caroling
3rd Week
Christmas dinner prep
Read Christmas story
Enjoy Christmas Day with family!
4th Week 
Shop after Christmas sales
New Year’s activities

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