Food Storage Items to Shop for in December

My December food storage purchase suggestions include some additional baking goods, cold medicines, and a few paper products. Because your focus is on Christmas shopping, I will keep this list simple. I change items every month to help you rotate food storage purchases so you won’t end up with a lopsided food storage supply. Also, I’ve been following the seasonal sales and tell you the cheapest place to buy certain items.

If you can afford to splurge, December may be a good month to buy an electric wheat grinder/mill. Watch for sales. Mine is an old wooden Magic Mill and I’m not ready to change. But based on a survey from my readers last year, 47% liked L’Equip Nutrimill Grain Mill (retails $290), and 27% liked the WonderMill (retails $280). Right now both are on sale at for $239.95 and the shipping is free! Make sure on check-out that you check the box morked Free Super Saver Shipping. If you click on the ad on the right side of my blog page, and purchase, I will receive credit. Thanks.

Shelf Stable Foods
Baking cocoa (Sam’s/Costco)
Spices (Winco refills/Sam’s/Costco)
Vanilla (Sam’s/Costco/Walmart)
Vegetable oil (48 oz. on sale grocery stores)
Cooking spray (Sam’s/Costco)
Marshmallows (on sale)
Nuts (rebag and freeze) (Sam’s/Costco)
Crackers (on sale everywhere)
Vitamins (Sam’s/Costco/on sale)

Non-Food Items
Trash bags (Sam’s/Costco)
Paper bowls (Sam’s/Costco)
Cold medicines (Walgreens/Walmart or other drug store)
Cough drops (Walgreens/Walmart or other drug store)

Electric wheat grinder (see link on this blog)
Lantern (after Christmas clearance)
Solar shower

“Cooking with Chef Brad: Those Wonderful Grains” (see link on this blog)
“Preparedness Principles” (see link on this blog)

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