Simple Family Dinner Menus

Creating simple standard dinner menus with family favorites will simplify your life. Sunday is my hardest day to make a meal as I rush from here to there with church assignments (Young Women’s president), so I’m less than motivated to cook. However, I spent most of my morning putting together some family menus all of which use food storage in some way. I didn’t list the sides, but those are easy to figure out. I am excited to post my menus on the refrigerator!

I chose a different category for each night of the week and then put the family favorites in the categories:
  • Easy (Simple menus. Some can be started in the morning, others are just quick.)
  • Pasta
  • Crock-pot (Mutual night, so it’s got to be easy)
  • This and That
  • Chicken
  • All American
  • Daddy’s Choice (He cooks. Yeah!)

My Dinner Menus pdf.
rough draft

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