Utah Case Lot Sales Dates Spring 2011

For those of you living in Utah (possibly Idaho, Arizona and Las Vegas area), or coming to General Conference April 2, get ready for the Utah case lot sales. A great time to shop for canned goods for your food storage. Here are the upcoming dates for stores in my area. If you have other case lot dates, email me. (Oops. I made some date changes. Sorry)

Bowman’s: March 2 – March 15 (ended)
Winegars: March 2 – March 15 (ended)
Kents: March 2 – March 15 (ended)
Petersons: March 2 – March 14 (ended)
Lins: check back
Dan’s: check back
Lees: check back
Allens: check back
Wangsgards: check back

Dick’s: March 30 – April 12?
Macey’s: March 30 – April 12
Fresh Market: March 30 – April 12
Smith’s: Probably early April
Harmon’s: no spring case lot sale

I’ve started gathering prices to compare with Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart, LDS home storage, and several food storage companies. Check back March 8.

Tips on Shopping at Case Lot Sales

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