Book Review: “Shop Smart, Save More”

On a recent vacation, I read the book “Shop Smart, Save More” by Teri Gault, founder and CEO of This book published in 2009 teaches you how to save money grocery shopping using coupons. Teri focuses on stockpiling, which is great for those of you building up your food storage. She divides stores into four “types.” Type 1: The warehouse club store, Type 2: The supercenter (stores that have everything and anything in one place), Type 3: The EDLP, “Everyday Low Prices” store where you bag your own groceries, and Type 4: The Hi-Low, major supermarket chains. Read the book to find out how to shop at each one, and which store is the best one for you to shop at most often.

There are also grocery shopping tips and ideas on finding the best deals. The “Clip and Save” chapter covers where to find coupons,
how to save even if your store does not double coupons, and ways to organize coupons. And there is even a “Saving Green While Going Green” chapter that discusses saving money on organic foods. By learning what a good sale is, you can avoid overspending.
I must admit that the first half of the book is about saving money, and the other half is about planning parties and money saving recipes. My reading efforts focused on the first half where I gleaned several useful tips. This book would be appropriate for coupon beginners. I wasn’t interested in signing up for, because I prefer to coupon shop my own way. But for those of you wanting more grocery shopping knowledge, I think this book is worth checking out from the library or buying used at Amazon here.

This book gets 3 out of 5 stars from me.

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