LDS Home Storage Center Price Changes – April 4, 2011

The LDS Home Storage Centers have new prices effective April 4, 2011. Thanks you to one of my readers who clued me in on this while I was out of town. I just updated the prices on my Utah Mega Case Lot Sale Price Comparison spreadsheet on the right sidebar of my blog and included the LDS Home Storage Centers and Costco in my area. As I see it, just like any store, prices go up for various reasons. I am not surprised. But it should get you motivated to get some food on your shelves.

Canning your own food can still be economical at the LDS Home Storage Centers and
perfect for emergency preparedness. Just compare prices, set some goals and stock up. If you are following my monthly purchase suggestions (see right side of blog), you will visit the LDS Home Storage Centers in January, May, October and December. You don’t have to buy there or then, but my lists attempt to keep you around $25 – $35 per adult per month. The choice is yours. Pace yourself and don’t go into debt over food storage.

I visited Costco in Bountiful today to stock up on some items for the month. I think they should have those mini-grocery carts so you are not tempted to buy too much. Prices are going up everywhere, but you can still get some good deals if you are careful. I could not find the honey in Costco, so if any of my Utah readers can email me the current price, please do so. My suggestion for improvements in Costco is to have someone on the floor who can answer questions about where to find products because there are no signs identifying what is down each aisle. I like the layout in Sam’s Club better, however prices are similar at Costco.

Food Storage idea:
Visit Smith’s, Macey’s, Fresh Market and Dick’s case lot sales before the sales end next week.


“Better to have stored something than never to have stored at all.”

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