1976 Magic Mill Owner’s Manual Instructions

Thank you to the reader who sent me the owner’s manual for a 1976 Magic Mill wheat grinder. I lost the printout a year ago and just found it today behind the cabinet of my printer! Because it was a scanned copy, it does not copy well; so I retyped most of it instead. I purchased my Magic Mill from a woman in my ward several years ago, and she didn’t have the instruction booklet either. So it was nice to finally read how to really use the mill, rather than guessing. Those of you looking for instructions
on how to use the manual handle will want to read this owner’s manual. Sure, I covet some of the newer mills because they are smaller, but the fact that they don’t come with a manual handle to use when the power goes out makes me still use the Magic Mill. Great for emergency preparedness, a way to use your long-term food storage, and regular home use.

Because of the poor quality of the pictures, I retyped some of the manual and you may click here to print it  1976 Magic Mill owner’s manual

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3 thoughts

  1. Thank you so much for making these Magic Mill manuals available. How truly kind.
    We recently inherited a Magic Mill
    which appears to be in perfect condition.
    I’m sure that it will become an important part of our homestead in BC’S Fraser Canyon, but until this snowy day I have never found the time to sit down with it.
    If I had had a manual I wouldn’t have tried to move the adjustment lever while the motor was unplugged. I fear I’ll have a bit of a repair right off the bat. At least now I can understand the why and how, and avoid future missteps.
    Thanks again for your generosity.
    Live long and prosper!

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