Best Food Storage to Buy in June 2011

Condiments is the food storage focus idea for June. Save big money by taking advantage of Memorial Day sales, Father’s Day sales (save for Christmas gifts) and pre and post 4th of July sales. June is National Dairy and National Safety month. If you can shop for a 6 month supply or more of these items, do so because these next few weeks have great prices. Use coupons to save even more.

The June List

STEP 1: 3-Month FOOD STORAGE SUPPLY – Condiments
(Suggested amounts are for 1 adult)
CL = case lot sale, WM = Walmart
LT 30 YR= Long-Term shelf life if stored properly. Consider storing a year’s supply.

1. Decide on a monthly food storage budget
2. Choose a few items from the list that you want to focus on
3. Multiply list amounts by # of adults, and adjust amounts and items for younger children
4. Each week look at your grocery store ads for items on sale
5. Carry list with you, or put on your cell phone notepad

Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip 16 oz.
Salad dressings 16 oz.
BBQ and/or steak sauces 18 oz.
Marinade and/or teriyaki sauces 16 oz.
Relish or pickles 8 oz.
Ketchup 10 oz.
Mustard 5 oz.
Chocolate syrup 6 oz. (add to powdered milk)
Salsa 12 oz.
Parmesan Cheese 8 oz.
Soy Sauce 8 oz.
Worcestershire sauce 8 oz.
Butter 2 lbs.
BBQ meats (or can these yourself)
Hot dogs, Sausages

NON-FOOD ITEMS (per family)
Paper cups 90 day supply
Paper plates 90 day supply
Paper bowls 90 day supply

72-HOUR KIT (per person)
Small mirror
Comb & hair items
Travel-sized toiletries

Charcoal & lighter fluid (regular, not quick burn)
BBQ mits/tools
Dutch oven & tools
Radio, hand crank
Bungee cords
Pry bar

Small mirror
Hand wipes
Small tool kit

STEP 2: DRINKING WATER Store a 2-Week Supply of drinking water, which is about 14 gallons per person. If you’ve already started this, continue to add to your supply. For drinking, that is about 4×24 ct. cases of 16.9 oz. bottles per person. You may need more for hygiene and cooking which you can store in other containers. Always keep stocked up on water. You can’t live without it.

Each week add some money to an emergency fund. Decide on a do-able amount and set up weekly transfers from checking to savings. Or put aside your loose change in a jar. Whichever way you choose to save, use it only for emergencies.

1. Family emergency plan
2. Clean out freezer
3. Evacuation ready family photos
4. Review firework safety
5. Inventory condiments

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