Getting Ready For Disaster Videos by FEMA

FEMA has created some great training videos about “Getting Ready For Disaster.” Watch these to teach your family, or yourself, how to become better prepared for emergencies.

“With the upcoming hurricane season on the horizon, killer tornados and wildfires in the Midwest and south and California floods breaking levies, FEMA announces the release of a new citizen preparedness DVD titled, “Getting Ready For Disaster- One Family’s Experience”. The DVD guides viewers through important steps of disaster preparedness and is a welcome addition to FEMA’s preparedness materials.” FEMA (click here to go to the website. Great materials!)

Introduction (Windows Media 6.3MB) 5:06 min.
Get Informed (Windows Media 4.7MB) 3:47 min.
Make a Plan (Windows Media 7.0MB) 5:45 min.
Disaster Supplies Kit (Windows Media 5.6MB)
People with Disabilities (Windows Media 3.8MB)
Food and Water (Windows Media 5.8MB) 4:39 min.
Helping Children Cope (Windows Media 5.8MB) 4:44 min.
Get Involved (Windows Media 7.0MB) 6:37 min.

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