Best Food Storage to Buy in September 2011

September is a wonderful month to stock up on items for your food storage, 72-hour kits and emergency supplies. This month we’re focusing on tomato products and pasta. Yum! There are so many choices and dry pasta stores well. I try to keep the cost down to about $25 per person based on Utah prices.

Also, if you are making your own 72-hour kits, this is the month to find backpacks on clearance. Start looking now. If your younger child can’t carry their own, consider one with wheels they can pull. And you don’t need to buy another bag for your infant. Use the large diaper bag you already own. Just keep it stocked with a 3-day supply of food, water, clothes, etc. Most mom’s already do that.

[Note: I just got the Harmon’s case lot sale prices and put them by each food item! I’ll add the Smith’s case lot prices when I get them next week.]

The September List (click for printable copy)

STEP 1: 3-Month FOOD STORAGE SUPPLY – Tomatoes and Pasta
(Suggested amounts are for 1 adult)
CL = case lot sale, WM = Walmart, LDS = available at LDS Home Storage centers
HM CL = Harmon’s case lot, SM CL= Smith’s case lot, Costco = CC, Sam’s Club = SC
LT 30 YR= Long-Term shelf life if stored properly. Consider storing a year’s supply.

1. Decide on a monthly food storage budget
2. Choose a few items from the list that you want to focus on
3. Multiply list amounts by # of family members. Adjust amounts and items for younger children
4. Each week look at your grocery store ads for items on sale that match your goals
5. Carry your list with you, or put it on your cell phone notepad

FOOD ITEMS (suggested stores to purchase in brackets)
Tomato sauce, 8×8 oz. cans [HM CL .22 ea. or CC 15 oz. .54 ea.]
Tomato paste, 2×6 oz. [HM CL .39 ea. or CC .50 ea.]
Tomatoes diced, etc. 4×15 oz. cans [HM CL .50 ea. or WM .63 ea.]
Tomato soup 3 cans [HM CL .44 ea. or CC .87]
Soup, cream of mush/chic 4 cans [HM CL .59 ea. or CC .53 ea.]
Pasta, canned 2 cans [HM CL .59 – .89 ea. or CC .81]
Macaroni & cheese 2 boxes [HM CL .35 ea. or CC .53 ea.]
Ramen soup noodles 24 ct. [HM CL .10 ea. or CC .16 ea.]
Pasta/Spaghetti/Macaroni, etc., dry 8 lbs. (LDS, LT 30 YR) [HM CL 3 lb. @ $2.00]
Spaghetti/Alfredo sauce prepared 2×24 oz. [HM CL Prego 48 oz. $1.79 or SC Ragu 45 oz. $2.56]

NON-FOOD ITEMS (per family)
Laundry detergent
Laundry stain remover
Laundry fabric softener/sheets

72-HOUR KIT (per person)
Backpack or other bag (clearance)
Recent family photo
Waterproof matches

Sleeping bags, pp (clearance)
Sleeping pad, pp (clearance)
Lantern (clearance)
Emergency candle
Camp stove (clearance)
Water carrier (WM)

Pocket tissues (back-to-school clearance)
Small scissors (back-to-school clearance)
Kids activities (crayons, scissors, coloring book, etc.) (back-to-school clearance)

Store a 2-Week Supply of drinking water, which is about 14 gallons per person. If you’ve already started this, continue to add to your supply. For drinking, that is about 4×24 ct. cases of 16.9 oz. bottles per person. You may need more for hygiene and cooking which you can store in other containers. Always keep stocked up on water. You can’t live without it.

Each week add some money to an emergency fund. Decide on a do-able amount and set up weekly transfers from checking to savings. Or put aside your loose change in a jar. Whichever way you choose to save, use it only for emergencies.

1. Use at least one item from your food storage in a meal at least once a day this week. You will learn to use what you store if you do this.
2. Have a family emergency fire drill
3. Test your smoke detectors
4. Take a food storage inventory

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