Easy Small Batch Freezer Jam

(I’m excited to share a post written by my darling married, and expectant daughter, Elisabeth!)

We didn’t eat a lot of jam/jelly in my family growing up. At least not that I can remember. I think it was because we were more of a PB&Honey family than PB&J. Us kids were also picky eaters who didn’t like the little seeds so often found in jams and jellies 🙂 Plus my sister was allergic to peanuts, so there just wasn’t a lot of PB either. At some point I discovered the deliciousness of homemade freezer jam and first attempted to make my own 2 years ago.

After my first attempt I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it could be. I used a no-cook method with Ball brand Instant Flex Batch Pectin.

It is meant for no-cook recipes and small batches (between 2 and 6 half-pints/8 oz containers). I also like it because it means I don’t have to buy a Costco-sized carton of berries/fruit to make it. Plus the large batch recipes would be way more jam than Nate & I could eat.

This year I made peach (using 4 peaches), peach-raspberry (2 peaches, 2 small containers of raspberries), and strawberry-raspberry (1 small container of raspberries and 2 cups of strawberries). I prepared and mixed the fruits for the types of jam I wanted and made 3 small (2 jar) batches all at the same time.

Ingredients For 2 half pints of jam:
1 2/3 cups prepared fruit of your choice
2 TBsp pectin
2/3 cup sugar
1 TBsp lemon juice (only needed for peaches)
freezer containers – I used these Ball 8oz. plastic freezer containers

This describes how to prepare different types of fruit.
I smashed my peaches, instead of chopping them.

This shows the amounts needed for every 2 half pints of jam.

Then follow these steps:

1. Prepare fruit -> wash and smash. (Right inside her Pyrex 1-quart measuring cup.)

2. Carefully measure smashed fruit and mix it with the sugar and lemon juice (for peaches). Then let it sit for 10 min. so the sugar can dissolve a bit.

3. Stir in the pectin. Keep stirring for 3 min. This is to make sure it is thoroughly mixed and there aren’t lumps of pectin in your jam.

4. Fill jars – Leave 1/2 inch of space between jam and lid so that there is room for the jam to expand in the freezer. Let it stand for 30 minutes before using or freezing.
It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks, or frozen for up to 1 year.

So DELICIOUS!!! (P.S. Your Dad loves freezer jam and so do I!)

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