Corner Fireplace Mantle Decorated for Christmas

Ever since we moved into this home, a huge television sat on our corner fireplace mantle. 
This year it found a new home in the basement, and I’ve struggled with how to decorate it. 
Corner fireplaces are complicated. 
However, I saw an idea with stacked Christmas boxes, so here is what I did.

Now you know me. I don’t like to buy much. But I did buy some items to begin with. First, I added rustic trees from Hobby Lobby, $33.50, Santa from Hobby Lobby, $20.00, and Christmas boxes from Marshall’s, $11.00. Another woman and I nearly had a tug-of-war fight over these trees. Thank goodness I grabbed them first. 🙂 Still going to add lights to them.
Next, I added pre-lit garland, Joy letters, snow globe, and a ceramic house.
Later, I raised up the house with a book.
Then came white candles, and rustic twigs and berries among the garland so soften the garland.
Here’s rustic Santa up close. Reminds me of “Grandfather” in the movie Heidi with Shirley Temple.
Stacked Christmas boxes and rustic tree. Love this nostalgic paper.
Another Santa moved in on the left. He has cute hand-stitching on his clothes.
It’s finished. Love how it glows as the sun goes down!
If you wonder where the stockings are, with nearly eleven of us, they don’t fit here anymore.
Hope you have fun decorating your fireplace. Now I’m off to do some Christmas shopping.

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