Emergency Kits for School Kids

When we lived in southern California, each year I was asked to put together an emergency kit for my elementary school kids. The kits were kept in a trash can in the classroom and returned to us at the end of the school year. When I moved to Utah, I wasn’t asked to do that.

Can you imagine a child not being prepared at least a little? What’s the backup plan if Mommy or Daddy can’t pick me up right away? Most schools will try to disburse children as quickly as possible, but what if you can’t get there? Glad I had several of my good friends on her emergency card.

We put everything in a small canvas bag that I found at the local Deseret Industries Thrift Store for a whopping .75¢. After I washed it, she helped draw her name on it with glitter glue. The kit easily fit into the bottom of her first grade backpack.


  • Comfort letter with pictures of our family
  • A few bandaids
  • Copy of family emergency phone numbers
  • 2 Capri Suns
  • 2 Granola bars
  • 2 Fruit Roll-ups
  • 12-hour light stick
  • Space blanket
  • Rain poncho

Useful links:

FEMA Ready Kids

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