Emergency Kits for School Kids

When we lived in southern California, each year I was asked to put together an emergency kit for my elementary school kids. The kits were kept in a trash can in the classroom and returned to us at the end of the school year. Since moving to Utah, I have not been asked to do that. After receiving the following letter from one of my readers, I decided to take action.

“I am wondering if you have ever sent emergency supplies to keep at school for children who may be away from home during an emergency?  I feel like I have prepared pretty well at home for an emergency, but it is very possible that my children won’t even be home to use their 72-hour kits.  What can I do to help them at school until I can get to them?  I have asked at my children’s school about emergency preparedness plans, but they didn’t seem to know if they had any plans- which kind of scares me.  Any suggestions?” Melissa, Utah

Well, Melissa, because of your letter I decided to put together a kit for my 1st-grader to keep in her backpack the entire school year. We’ve also had some interesting conversations about “what could happen.” Can you imagine a child not being prepared at least a little? What’s the backup plan if Mommy or Daddy can’t pick me up right away?

There are enough comfort foods for a day; maybe two. But most schools will try to disburse children as quickly as possible. Glad I have several friends on her emergency card. She is most concerned about her food getting burned up in case of a fire. šŸ™‚ The kit fits easily into the bottom of her backpack. Here is what I put in kit –

Comfort letter with pictures of our family
Mini first aid kit
Copy of family disaster plan and emergency phone numbers
2 Capri Suns
2 Granola bars
2 PopTarts (a rare treat in this house)
2 Fruit Roll-ups
12-hour light stick (Halloween clearance)
Space blanket
Rain poncho

We put everything in a small canvas bag (see above pic) that I found at the local Deseret Industries Thrift Store for a whopping .75Ā¢. After I washed it, she helped draw her name on it with glitter glue. That was important to her. Here are some other container ideas:

Pencil pouch
Pencil box (4KidsPartyz.com)

Useful links:
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