Including Others in Your Preparedness Plan

Hello Valerie,

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on preparing for others. Specifically, preparing for family members that are unable to do as much for themselves (financial issues) and perhaps for those that are ‘unwilling’ to prepare for themselves. I have had discussions with some family members that would like to prepare, however, due to financial issues and their current living conditions, are unable to do any appreciable amount of preparing at this time.

I have decided that I would include their needs in my plan. I have the available space and while it does create a larger financial burden, to me they are worth it. I am unsure about how much to divulge about my plan. I am conflicted as to which way to proceed. Should I tell them that I am prepping for them? Would this be the best avenue to take? It would ease their concerns, yet I do not want them to not make every attempt to do for themselves. Should I wait until I have completed all my prepping plans for myself before undertaking prepping for them? Should I wait until the time comes to tell them that I have prepared for them? Should I wait until their circumstances improve then gift them the preparations I have made from them?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thank you, JM, West Virginia

Dear Jodi,

What a wonderful person you are for wanting to help provide for others. I understand that we all wish others would do more, or could do more, to provide for themselves, but we also know how awful it would be if we knew we could have helped, and didn’t. They do have their agency though. And you can’t expect them to change.

If it were me, I would just adjust the numbers in my plan and start storing extra. You are probably more prepared than most already. I never look at this as a race to get it done.

Down the road, when you feel comfortable just say in a matter-of-fact, yet not preachy, way, “If you ever need help, I have extra.” That is different then, “I’m doing your food storage for you.”

I always tell my kids away from home that I have food for them. My college son shops from my shelves. But they are immediate family, and this may be different.

Sometime, you could say, “Hey, if you’re ever interested, I would love to teach you how to make bread.” Or “Are you interested in learning how to can green beans?” Or if they live local, “I have extra garden space if you want to plant and tend your own garden here.”

If you gift them items at Christmas or birthdays, it would be a natural thing to do. Just because they are preparedness items would show you are interested in preparedness, and you care about them. This is when you could ask if they have a 72-hour kit. And if they didn’t, gift it to them. Or some other item.

What a loving individual you are! Thanks for following along and desiring to become self-reliant. Wish I had a garden and heart like yours.


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