LDS Youth Are Modern Day Pioneers in The Massive Clean Up After The Great Storm

The events that occurred over the past four days have been amazing! After the great wind storm on Thursday, we worked cleaning up debris and broken limbs for several days. Then on Sunday morning, the message came from local church leaders that church would be canceled. Governor Gary Herbert encouraged us to get debris cleared before the next storm to prevent further injury from flying debris. Many of the congregations along the bench from Fruit Heights to Bountiful were canceled. Many of the workers were teenagers.

After my husband got the word and spread the information through home teachers, we woke our girls. Again we put on jeans, coats and work gloves, but this time on the Sabbath. There would be no Fast Sunday.

As we headed outside into the cold morning of our Farmington neighborhood, we really didn’t know how this was all going to happen. Our neighborhood was one that was hit the hardest, and the piles of trees was daunting. But we had faith that with help we would get it done.

I asked a friend with small children to watch my 6 year-old, so I could work with the youth who met at the park at 10 a.m. She later watched several other children so other mothers could work. As I drove to her home across the neighborhood, an unbelievable scene opened before my eyes. Many trucks with trailers lined the streets and hundreds of volunteers were loading them. Helping hands came from other neighborhoods, and we are grateful to them.

Here are some pictures over the past several days. Our Latter-Day Saint youth are modern day pioneers coming to the rescue. Their amazing fortitude and great attitude is evident on their faces. We love them! We needed them.

Sawdust in my hair

Our bishop driving his truck
My husband and Bro. Andersen talking about needs
My youngest
My husband felling another damaged tree.
A much needed break
My teen daughters

Water anyone?

Snow flurries

Boys making lemonade out of lemons

Now our streets are clean again. An indication that with team effort, great things can be accomplished. Though our disaster may be small compared to some, it was huge for us. It has taught us to become better prepared. It has taught us that we can depend on each other. It has reconfirmed to us that we live in a wonderful community.

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