Food Storage Giveaway by Grocery Cents

To help you stock up on food storage beverages this month,
the Grocery Cents blog,
is giving away 3 pantry-sized cans of Thrive Foods
from Shelf Reliance consultant, Diana Boley
Non-Fat Powder Milk, 1.01 lbs.
Chocolate Drink Mix, 1.46 lbs.
Melon Berry Burst Drink Mix, 1.72 lbs.

If you would like a copy of the current price list, email

Giveaway Details:
• Giveaway is for a total of 3 Thrive Foods pantry-sized cans of Non-Fat Powder Milk, Chocolate Drink Mix, and Melon Berry Burst Drink Mix (a $27 value!)
• Giveaway is only for those living in the U.S.
• Giveaway is open from Thursday, January 12th through Friday, January 20th. Winner will be announced Saturday, January 21st.
• Giveaway is done by drawing a name out of a hat, so your email address only comes to me.

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