January 2012 Food Storage Shopping List

This month, focus on gathering water and beverages in your food storage. Start out the year knowing you are well-stocked on something you can’t live without it; water. I stock up on water bottles in 24 ct. cases for drinking, and refill barrels or other containers for cooking and hygiene uses.

The convenience of a case of water cannot be overlooked. You can share it and you can carry it. You may have to bring your own water to an emergency shelter. Also, a sturdy water container like an Aqua-Pak is beneficial in your emergency supplies. You can’t count on an emergency shelter having one for you. Most women CANNOT carry a 5-gallon cooler to a water truck, and then back to a tent. Spend some time this month deciding how much water and where you will store your water. Emergency water is Step 2 of the LDS Four-Step Approach to Home Storage.

Also stock up on beverages such as powdered milk, cocoa mix, a fortified fruit drink mix, evaporated milk, and some bottled juice (only a month’s supply). Keeping a simple focus helps me sanely gather food storage. In a winter emergency, having cocoa mix can be a blessing.

Drinking yummy hot cocoa during a break from
the cleanup after the winter wind storm. Farmigton, Utah

For general grocery shopping, this is National Soup Month, and National Wheat Bread Month. Watch for sales leading up to the Super Bowl at the end of this month too.

January 2012 

How to Use My Monthly Food Storage Shopping Lists
January 2012 Utah Case Lot Sale Price Comparison

Milk Non-Fat Dry, non-instant or instant 1 #10 can (1/5 LDS #10 $8.60)
Cocoa Mix 1/2 lb. or 1/4 #10 can (1/5 LDS 5.8 lb. #10 $9.90, SC Stephen’s 4 lb. $8.79)
Fruit Drink Mix 1/2 lb. or 1/4 #10 can (1/5 LDS 6.1 lb. #10 $8.50, SC 4.5 lb. Tang  $6.83)
Evaporated Milk 1×12 oz. (Carnation coupon)
Juice 3×64 oz.
Water Bottles 4×24 ct. cases (SC 32 ct. Nestle $3.98)

SC = Sam’s Club everyday
HM = Harmon’s Case Lot Sale
SM = Smith’s (Kroger) Case Lot Sale

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