Our Generation Doll Bingo Game

My youngest turned seven this week. It has been hard to watch my baby girl grow up, though I know it’s inevitable. Today I threw her a party and each friend brought their favorite doll. My daughter loves to play with her Our Generation dolls, the less expensive American Girl-type dolls sold at Target for a fraction of the cost. Target has done an excellent job creating their own version. To go along with the party theme, I made an Our Generation Bingo game for the 6 and 7 year-old girls to play.

How to Make and Play the Game:
  1. Copy the first game card twice, and the number of game cards you want. There are 16 variations.
  2. Cut individual calling cards out of one of those first game cards. 
  3. Laminate the calling cards and cut apart.
  4. Laminate the game cards. 
  5. Use mini marshmallows for the markers.
  6. Tell the girls not to eat them until the end of the game.
  7. However, if they get a four-in-a-row Bingo, they may eat two.
  8. Put a handful of marshmallows on a paper plate next to their Bingo card.
  9. Show the girls a few picture calling cards and say “Ashley-Rose, wearing pink, blonde hair, has a baby doll in the picture.” Or  “Jenny, wearing pink, blonde hair, holding cupcakes.” They will catch on quickly.
  10. Then shuffle the cards, and begin to play. As my youngest says, “It was better than great!”

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