Utah Case Lot Sale Dates: Spring 2012

Here are some of the dates for the upcoming Utah case lot sales. I walked around Bowman’s (Kaysville, UT) today to check out their items and prices. Because these case lot sales are beginning next week, I will post my March Monthly Food Storage Shopping list on Sunday.

If you are using my Monthly Food Storage Shopping lists, I arranged them so you may buy some items at the case lot sales for your food storage in March, and some in April to help your budget. Please let me know if you know of other sale dates in Utah. For those of you living outside of Utah, you can still use the lists as a guide to gather your food storage.

Here are the dates:

WinegarsFebruary 27 (Roy, Bountiful, Clearfield)

PetersonsFebruary 28 (Riverton)

BuyLowMarket: February 29 (Provo)

Bowman’s: February 29 (Kaysville)

Kents Market: February 29 (Roy, Brigham City, Ephraim)

Dick’s Marketend of March? (Centerville & Bountiful)

Macey’s: end of March? (Providence, Ogden, Clinton, Tooele, West Jordan, Sandy, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork)

Fresh Market: end of March? (Many locations)

Smith’s: Probably early April (Many locations)

Harmon’s: no spring case lot sale

Week #8 February 19th – 25th

Here is what we’ve been working on this week:

INVENTORY: Count the large and small cans or buckets of beans, meat and soup you already have, and record the amount on yourinventory worksheet. Straighten and dust just those shelves. Bring items close to expiration to your kitchen counter to use this week in your menu planning.

EMERGENCY FUND: Put aside the weekly financial reserve amount you decided on with your spouse. Consider $2.00 per week per family member as a place to start.

WATER SUPPLY (2-week supply): Continue to buy or fill water if needed. Work towards 14 gallons per person.

FOOD STORAGE (3-month supply): Pancake mix 2 lbs. and pancake syrup 32 oz. per person. Adjust amount for smaller children if you wish. I buy mine from Costco in bulk sizes.

NON-FOOD: 1 floss or bag of floss picks per person with teeth.

72-HOUR KIT: Add a whistle and a mirror. They may help someone find you in a emergency.

AUTO KIT: Add a whistle and a mirror. They may help someone find you in a emergency.

EQUIPMENT: Cell phone w/texting capabilities or walkie talkies.

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