How To Organize The Medicine Cabinet

Last week I took an inventory of our medicine cabinet. Because I check the first aid and medicine supplies once a year, I’m usually pretty thorough. As I began going through things, and tossing more than I liked, I decided to thin down the list of medicines we really need.

As I went through them, I found that some items I over purchased at those buy two for the price of one sales. How much medicine do you really need?

As I worked, I created a list of what I really want to have on hand like this:

Medicine Cabinet Supplies

I also marked the expiration dates on the tops or sides of the lids of medicine like I’ve done in the past, which makes it easier to see as in this picture. Can’t stand hunting for those dates.

Old picture, but you get the idea. Don’t put liquids on their sides!

Storing medicine needs to be accessible to me, not accessible to small kids, and in one place for an easy inventory. I like to keep the medicine in a Sterilite Show Offs container because it latches down and has a handle on top which makes it easier to grab from a high shelf without spilling the contents.


My tote is like item 1894, 14 1/4″ L x 9 1/2″ W x 6 7/8″ H. But there are several sizes to choose from.

1894 - ShowOffs™ Storage Container 

I put a few over-sized items on a plastic lazy Susan turn-table, like the rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, after purchasing new bottles at Winegar’s case lot sale. It was amazing to fit most things in two containers; the tote and the tackle-box first aid kit.


For more organized medicine cabinet ideas, go to my Pinterest site.

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