Upcoming Macey’s Case Lot Sale

For those of you living in Utah, put the Macey’s case lot sale on your calendar. I love their case lot sales! It will be from April 11 – 24th. I will share my April Monthly Food Storage Shopping list in a few weeks so it will coordinate with the sale. However, the list will still be useful to those of you living outside of Utah. Hopefully I will know the date of the Smith’s case lot sale by then as well.

I am really looking forward to General Conference and hearing from our wonderful church leaders. Every six months gives me that extra boost I need. Sometime during the General Conference weekend, our family will update our 72-hour kit food packs and I will share that with you as well.

This week I’ve been de-cluttering many spaces in my home. It’s like a domino effect. Moving one item to another shelf or cupboard means I have to move something else to another place as well. But I love organizing and improving things in my home. It has helped my group items so they are easier to inventory.

I’m slowly making my way to our food storage room. One of my goals this month is to reorganize it and share the before and after with you. I want to have it ready so I can easily put things away after I shop at the Macey’s case lot sale. Thank goodness my strong children will do most of the moving of the cans and boxes. It doesn’t take much time if I am ready to direct traffic. I’ve been drawing up a plan on graph paper and will share that with you too.

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