Week 12: Food Storage Goals March 18th – 24th

There is never a dull moment around here for me. This past week I’ve been trying to decide if I will teach preschool again this fall, and it has taken lots figuring out. My wonderful former accountant husband has helped me look at the numbers and think through what will be best for us.

I love kids! I love to teach. But I’m a granny. 🙂 Perhaps Granny A’s Preschool? And I’m busy with my own family, preparing for a wedding, and my wonderful blog readers. Add to that my book. But I love it all. I will keep you posted.

WEEK #12

March 18th – 24th 
Tomatoes & Pasta, and First Aid Kits 

Here is what we’re working on this week:

INVENTORY: Go through your 72-hour kits, auto emergency car kits and pet emergency kits to see what is missing or needs to be updated such as food and water items. Set goals of items to replace or purchase next week.

EMERGENCY FUND: Put aside the weekly financial reserve amount you decided on with your spouse. Consider $2.00 per week per family member or more.

WATER SUPPLY (2-week supply): Continue to buy or fill water as needed. Work towards a minimum of 14 gallons per person. I store 4×24 ct. cases of bottled water per person for drinking/cooking, and then water in barrels for hygiene, cleaning, toilet flushing, etc. Store in a location that does not have intense heat, and direct sunlight. Store in several places in your home in case disasters make it difficult to obtain it in one location.

FOOD STORAGE (3-month per adult): 4 lbs. of dry pasta AND 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese. Multiply amount by number of family members. Adjust for smaller children and food allergies.

NON-FOOD: 1 fabric softener. This is optional, but something extra you may want on hand if finances get tight.

72-HOUR KIT: Pad of paper and pen. Check the dollar store. If you are sheltering away from home after a disaster, having something to journal your experience on is priceless. Children also need something to do. I store ours in baggies to protect them from water damage.

AUTO KIT: Umbrella. Check the dollar store. I keep mine in the door pocket of my car. Imagine how useful it would be to help someone who is changing a tire on a car in the rain, or just those quick trips in and out of the school during an unexpected rain storm.

EQUIPMENT: Dish soap. I keep dish soap in a travel toiletry bottle in our family emergency supply bucket.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: If you live in Utah, make sure you register for “The Great Utah Shake Out,” an emergency drill residents in the state of Utah will participate in on April 17, 2012.

Newbies: If you are new to my site, just jump right in here. If you have a busy week, don’t worry about it. Anything you do will be a help to your family. Gather only the items you need and can afford. You may substitute other items. They may already be in your home and you just need to find and organize them. Adjust and/or multiply the amounts so they work for your family. Here is the March 2012 Food Storage Shopping list, and read “How to Use My Monthly Food Storage Shopping Lists” for other ideas.

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