Week 16: Food Storage Goals April 15 – 21

This is the wedding week. So you know I’m busy, but didn’t want you to think you were forgotten. Here is what we’re focusing on this week:

WEEK #16 
April 15 – 21 
Soup, Tuna & Beans AND Sanitation 

INVENTORY: Count your paper & plastic items. Things you could use in an emergency or everyday like paper plates, cups, utensils, T.P., trash bags, foil, freezer bags, etc.

EMERGENCY FUND: Consider putting aside $2.00 or more per week per family member. If you have any stories how your emergency fund has helped you, email them to me. At the end of the year you will have $104 or more per person!

WATER SUPPLY (2-week supply): Buy or fill water as needed. Suggested amount is 14 gallons per person or 4×24 ct. cases of bottled water per person for drinking/cooking, and then water in barrels for hygiene, cleaning, toilet flushing, etc. Store in a location that does not have intense heat, and direct sunlight. Store in several places in your home in case disasters make it difficult to obtain it in one location. Cases are $2.50 at Macey’s case lot sale!

FOOD STORAGE (3-month per adult): 10 cans of small soups – cream of mushroom or chicken, tomato, chicken noodle, etc. On sale now for .50 to .59 ea. at Macey’s, Fresh Market and Dick’s.

NON-FOOD: Baby wipes per person. Goes along with our sanitation focus. Also at case lot sales.

72-HOUR KIT: A kitchen or yard trash bag. Useful for carrying items, water proofing and even sanitation.

AUTO KIT: A few kitchen or yard trash bags. Useful for carrying items, water proofing and even sanitation.

EQUIPMENT: You guessed it. Trash bags. Useful for carrying items, water proofing and even sanitation. Keep in your emergency bucket or near your emergency supplies.

PREPAREDNESS: Research emergency sanitation methods. Check out Preparedness Pro and Family Survival Planning.

NEWBIES: If you are new to my site, just jump right in. If you have a busy week, don’t worry about it. Anything you do will be a help to your family. Gather only the items you need and can afford. You may substitute other items. They may already be in your home and you just need to find and organize them. Adjust and/or multiply the amounts so they work for your family. Here is the April 2012 Food Storage Shopping list, and read “How to Use My Monthly Food Storage Shopping Lists” for other ideas.

GIVEAWAY 1: Four lucky winners will receive my 12-Month Food Storage Organizer book that I’m writing. Go here for more details.

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