Food Storage Goals: Week #20, May 13 – 19

What a peaceful, splendid mother’s day. Our family talked on the phone with my son who is serving a mission in Sweden. Mothers need those phone calls. I took a nap and slept peacefully afterwards. Love that boy! My second son and daughter-in-law came out Saturday and helped me move this-and-that. We also took down two trees (sad) including the one that had died after the great storm last December.

For those of you wondering how I stay organized with gathering food storage and preparedness items, I look over the Monthly list and create a small list of items I want to buy/do that month on Evernote; an ap for my cell phone. Then I type a “food storage event” on Monday in my Google calendar with an alert reminder. If I can’t get those items on Monday, I move the event to Tuesday, and so forth. Eventually I eliminate the list. 
Here is what we are working on this week:

MAY FOCUS, Week #20 

EMERGENCY FUND: Set aside $2.00 or more per person this week.

2-WEEK WATER SUPPLY: Accumulate 14 gallons per person (or 4×24 ct. cases of bottled water per person) for drinking/cooking, and more water in containers for hygiene, cleaning, toilet flushing, etc. If you already have this, move on.

3-MONTH FOOD STORAGE: 1 teriyaki sauce and/or marinade, AND 1 soy sauce and/or Worcestershire sauce.

INVENTORY: Count your condiments. Items like ketchup, mayonnaise, bbq sauce, etc. Put any items you need to use on your kitchen counter. Decide how much more you need to gather. You will see them on sale this month!

NON-FOOD: Paper plates, one month supply. A disaster essential.

72-HOUR KIT: Travel tissues.

AUTO KIT: Travel tissues.

EQUIPMENT: Charcoal and lighter fluid (if needed).

PREPAREDNESS GOAL: Photograph home contents. Take pictures of various rooms and items in those rooms with your cell phone or camera. Store pictures at a out-of-area relatives home, or in an online file in case of a disaster and you have to prove what you lost.

Click here for the complete May 2012 Food Storage Shopping List.

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