Results of My Poll: Most Difficult Food Storage Challenges

Last week I spent every free moment working on my book. 
I write in the car on my laptop while my 7 year-old is taking her swim lessons and even ponder on my walks in our neighborhood. Inspiration comes at the oddest times and places, but it is coming. It makes it difficult to keep up with some of the other things I love to do like write posts. But I hope you will understand. The book just has to get done.

Today I’ll share the results of my recent food storage poll which 400 people participated in answering the question:

What are your most difficult food storage challenges? 

Limited storage space 167 (41%)
Affordability 166 (41%)
Water storage 135 (33%)
Getting organized 130 (32%)
Inventory or tracking what I have 130 (32%)

Using/replacing food storage 105 (26%)
How much to store 96 (24%)
Recipes 75 (18%)


Eating canned/boxed foods 58 (14%)
Motivation 53 (13%)
Healthy or gluten-free options 44 (11%)
72-Hour kits 46 (11%)
My spouse 35 (8%)

Thanks for participating as these answers help me help you more. I’ve added a new poll to gather additional information from you.

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PLEASE HELP! DO YOU HAVE A STORY? I am in need of disaster survival stories that I might add to my book, “The Food Storage Organizer.” Please email me if you have one, or know of someone else who has gone through a disaster such as living through a major earthquake, hurricane, tornado, fire, etc. Or if you’ve experienced a job loss and used your food storage to help you get through the rough times. PleaseEmail me here!

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