Get ready for the August 2012 Utah Food Storage Case Lot Sales!

The Utah food storage case lot sales are coming! And there will be more sales in September. I will continue to add dates as they become available, so subscribe to my posts by email here for the updates.
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I usually pick up several cases of food in August, and more items in September from a few other stores. This way I keep my monthly food storage expenses down. Over the next few weeks I will be gathering prices to compare the case lot sales to regular prices at Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, the LDS Home Storage Centers and a few food storage companies here in Utah.

August Case Lot Sales

  • Maceys:  July 30th – 19th (confirmed) 3 weeks 
  • Fresh Market: August 1st – 14th (confirmed) 2 weeks
  • Dick’s Market:  
    July 30th – 19th  (confirmed) 3 weeks
Click the name of the store for locations.

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Please email me if you hear of other locations.

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